Jekyll 下 Pygments 支持的语言及其缩写名


使用 Octopress 后,一直搞不清 Jekyll 下 Pygments 支持的高亮语言及其缩写名,写了一个脚本获取,方便查询。

require 'pygments'
print '|Format', ' '*24, '|Short names for highlight tag', ' '*36, "|\n"
print '|', '-'*30, '|', '-'*65, "|\n"
Pygments.lexers.sort.each do |k,v|
  names = v[:aliases].join(',')
  print '|', k, ' '*(30-k.size), '|', names, ' '*(65-names.size), "|\n"

结果如下,可以用 “CTRL+F” 查找。

Format Short names for highlight tag
ABAP abap
ANTLR antlr
ANTLR With ActionScript Target antlr-as,antlr-actionscript
ANTLR With C# Target antlr-csharp,antlr-c#
ANTLR With CPP Target antlr-cpp
ANTLR With Java Target antlr-java
ANTLR With ObjectiveC Target antlr-objc
ANTLR With Perl Target antlr-perl
ANTLR With Python Target antlr-python
ANTLR With Ruby Target antlr-ruby,antlr-rb
APL apl
ActionScript as,actionscript
ActionScript 3 as3,actionscript3
Ada ada,ada95ada2005
Agda agda
Alloy alloy
AmbientTalk at,ambienttalk,ambienttalk/2
ApacheConf apacheconf,aconf,apache
AppleScript applescript
AspectJ aspectj
Asymptote asy,asymptote
Augeas augeas
AutoIt autoit
Awk awk,gawk,mawk,nawk
BBCode bbcode
BUGS bugs,winbugs,openbugs
Base Makefile basemake
Bash bash,sh,ksh
Bash Session console
Batchfile bat,batch,dosbatch,winbatch
Befunge befunge
BlitzBasic blitzbasic,b3d,bplus
BlitzMax blitzmax,bmax
Boo boo
Brainfuck brainfuck,bf
Bro bro
C c
C# csharp,c#
C++ cpp,c++
CBM BASIC V2 cbmbas
CFEngine3 cfengine3,cf3
CMake cmake
COBOL cobol
COBOLFree cobolfree
CSS css
CSS+Django/Jinja css+django,css+jinja
CSS+Genshi Text css+genshitext,css+genshi
CSS+Lasso css+lasso
CSS+Mako css+mako
CSS+Myghty css+myghty
CSS+PHP css+php
CSS+Ruby css+erb,css+ruby
CSS+Smarty css+smarty
CUDA cuda,cu
Ceylon ceylon
ChaiScript chai,chaiscript
Chapel chapel,chpl
Cheetah cheetah,spitfire
Cirru cirru
Clay clay
Clojure clojure,clj
ClojureScript clojurescript,cljs
CoffeeScript coffee-script,coffeescript,coffee
Coldfusion CFC cfc
Coldfusion HTML cfm
Common Lisp common-lisp,cl,lisp,elisp,emacs,emacs-lisp
Coq coq
Croc croc
Cryptol cryptol,cry
Cypher cypher
Cython cython,pyx,pyrex
D d
DTD dtd
Darcs Patch dpatch
Dart dart
Debian Control file control,debcontrol
Debian Sourcelist sourceslist,sources.list,debsources
Delphi delphi,pas,pascal,objectpascal
Diff diff,udiff
Django/Jinja django,jinja
Docker docker,dockerfile
Duel duel,jbst,jsonml+bst
Dylan dylan
Dylan session dylan-console,dylan-repl
DylanLID dylan-lid,lid
EBNF ebnf
ECL ecl
ERB erb
Eiffel eiffel
Elixir elixir,ex,exs
Elixir iex session iex
Embedded Ragel ragel-em
Erlang erlang
Erlang erl session erl
Evoque evoque
FSharp fsharp
Factor factor
Fancy fancy,fy
Fantom fan
Felix felix,flx
Fortran fortran
FoxPro foxpro,vfp,clipper,xbase
GAP gap
GAS gas,asm
GLSL glsl
Genshi genshi,kid,xml+genshi,xml+kid
Genshi Text genshitext
Gettext Catalog pot,po
Gherkin cucumber,gherkin
Gnuplot gnuplot
Go go
Golo golo
GoodData-CL gooddata-cl
Gosu gosu
Gosu Template gst
Groff groff,nroff,man
Groovy groovy
HTML html
HTML+Cheetah html+cheetah,html+spitfire,htmlcheetah
HTML+Django/Jinja html+django,html+jinja,htmldjango
HTML+Evoque html+evoque
HTML+Genshi html+genshi,html+kid
HTML+Handlebars html+handlebars
HTML+Lasso html+lasso
HTML+Mako html+mako
HTML+Myghty html+myghty
HTML+PHP html+php
HTML+Smarty html+smarty
HTML+Velocity html+velocity
HTTP http
Haml haml
Handlebars handlebars
Haskell haskell,hs
Haxe hx,haxe,hxsl
Hxml haxeml,hxml
Hy hylang
Hybris hybris,hy
IDL idl
INI ini,cfg,dosini
IRC logs irc
Idris idris,idr
Igor igor,igorpro
Inform 6 inform6,i6
Inform 6 template i6t
Inform 7 inform7,i7
Io io
Ioke ioke,ik
JAGS jags
JSON json
Jade jade
Jasmin jasmin,jasminxt
Java java
Java Server Page jsp
JavaScript js,javascript
JavaScript+Cheetah js+cheetah,javascript+cheetah,js+spitfire,javascript+spitfire
JavaScript+Django/Jinja js+django,javascript+django,js+jinja,javascript+jinja
JavaScript+Genshi Text js+genshitext,js+genshi,javascript+genshitext,javascript+genshi
JavaScript+Lasso js+lasso,javascript+lasso
JavaScript+Mako js+mako,javascript+mako
JavaScript+Myghty js+myghty,javascript+myghty
JavaScript+PHP js+php,javascript+php
JavaScript+Ruby js+erb,javascript+erb,js+ruby,javascript+ruby
JavaScript+Smarty js+smarty,javascript+smarty
Julia julia,jl
Julia console jlcon
Kal kal
Kconfig kconfig,menuconfig,linux-config,kernel-config
Koka koka
Kotlin kotlin
LLVM llvm
LSL lsl
Lasso lasso,lassoscript
Lighttpd configuration file lighty,lighttpd
Limbo limbo
Literate Agda lagda,literate-agda
Literate Cryptol lcry,literate-cryptol,lcryptol
Literate Haskell lhs,literate-haskell,lhaskell
Literate Idris lidr,literate-idris,lidris
LiveScript live-script,livescript
Logos logos
Logtalk logtalk
Lua lua
MAQL maql
MOOCode moocode,moo
MQL mql,mq4,mq5,mql4,mql5
MXML mxml
Makefile make,makefile,mf,bsdmake
Mako mako
Mask mask
Mason mason
Mathematica mathematica,mma,nb
Matlab matlab
Matlab session matlabsession
MiniD minid
Modelica modelica
Modula-2 modula2,m2
MoinMoin/Trac Wiki markup trac-wiki,moin
Monkey monkey
MoonScript moon,moonscript
Mscgen mscgen,msc
MuPAD mupad
MySQL mysql
Myghty myghty
NASM nasm
NSIS nsis,nsi,nsh
Nemerle nemerle
NewLisp newlisp
Newspeak newspeak
Nginx configuration file nginx
Nimrod nimrod,nim
Nix nixos,nix
NumPy numpy
OCaml ocaml
Objective-C objective-c,objectivec,obj-c,objc
Objective-C++ objective-c++,objectivec++,obj-c++,objc++
Objective-J objective-j,objectivej,obj-j,objj
Octave octave
Ooc ooc
Opa opa
OpenEdge ABL openedge,abl,progress
PHP php,php3,php4,php5
PL/pgSQL plpgsql
POVRay pov
Pan pan
Pawn pawn
Perl perl,pl
Perl6 perl6,pl6
Pig pig
Pike pike
PostScript postscript,postscr
PostgreSQL SQL dialect postgresql,postgres
PostgreSQL console (psql) psql,postgresql-console,postgres-console
PowerShell powershell,posh,ps1,psm1
Prolog prolog
Properties properties,jproperties
Protocol Buffer protobuf,proto
Puppet puppet
PyPy Log pypylog,pypy
Python python,py,sage
Python 3 python3,py3
Python 3.0 Traceback py3tb
Python Traceback pytb
Python console session pycon
QBasic qbasic,basic
QML qml
RConsole rconsole,rout
REBOL rebol
RHTML rhtml,html+erb,html+ruby
RPMSpec spec
RQL rql
RSL rsl
Racket racket,rkt
Ragel ragel
Ragel in C Host ragel-c
Ragel in CPP Host ragel-cpp
Ragel in D Host ragel-d
Ragel in Java Host ragel-java
Ragel in Objective C Host ragel-objc
Ragel in Ruby Host ragel-ruby,ragel-rb
Raw token data raw
Rd rd
Red red,red/system
Redcode redcode
Rexx rexx,arexx
RobotFramework robotframework
Ruby rb,ruby,duby
Ruby irb session rbcon,irb
Rust rust
S splus,s,r
SCSS scss
SPARQL sparql
SQL sql
SWIG swig
Sass sass
Scala scala
Scalate Server Page ssp
Scaml scaml
Scheme scheme,scm
Scilab scilab
Shell Session shell-session
Slash slash
Slim slim
Smali smali
Smalltalk smalltalk,squeak,st
Smarty smarty
Snobol snobol
SourcePawn sp
SquidConf squidconf,squid.conf,squid
Stan stan
Standard ML sml
Swift swift
TOML toml
Tcl tcl
Tcsh tcsh,csh
TeX tex,latex
Tea tea
Text only text
Todotxt todotxt
Treetop treetop
TypeScript ts
UrbiScript urbiscript,vbnet
VCTreeStatus vctreestatus
VGL vgl
Vala vala,vapi
Velocity velocity
VimL vim
XML xml
XML+Cheetah xml+cheetah,xml+spitfire
XML+Django/Jinja xml+django,xml+jinja
XML+Evoque xml+evoque
XML+Lasso xml+lasso
XML+Mako xml+mako
XML+Myghty xml+myghty
XML+PHP xml+php
XML+Ruby xml+erb,xml+ruby
XML+Smarty xml+smarty
XML+Velocity xml+velocity
XQuery xquery,xqy,xq,xql,xqm
XSLT xslt
Xtend xtend
YAML yaml
YAML+Jinja yaml+jinja,salt,sls
Zephir zephir
aspx-cs aspx-cs
aspx-vb aspx-vb
autohotkey ahk,autohotkey
c-objdump c-objdump
ca65 ca65
cfstatement cfs
cpp-objdump cpp-objdump,c++-objdumb,cxx-objdump
d-objdump d-objdump
dasm16 DASM16
dg dg
eC ec
liquid liquid
nesC nesc
objdump objdump
objdump-nasm objdump-nasm
reStructuredText rst,rest,restructuredtext
reg registry
sqlite3con sqlite3
systemverilog systemverilog,sv
verilog verilog,v
vhdl vhdl